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Welcome to Alfa Car Reviews! This site will work to offer you with a comprehensive look into Alfa Romeos past, and the stepping stones it took to become the well regarded car manufacturer it is today. We look at new and used Alfa Romeo vehicles. Following the view into Alfa’s history we shall come back into the present and take a look at some of the cars which are currently on offer from Alfa Romeo. We shall also provide you with some extra useful resources which will help guide you if you are thinking of purchasing a new Alfa anytime soon or in the future...

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Alfa Romeo is a car manufacturer based in Italy and they have been in the business of making vehicles since as far back as 1907 when it was known as Società Anonima Italiana Darracq (SAID). They have since become famous for producing beautiful cars which often feature their distinguishable V shaped grill. Alfa Romeo has had an unfortunate history at times, needing to be rescued in 1928 by the Italian government only to struggle further after the Second World War. Finally in 1986 Alfa Romeo was bought by FIAT who still own the brand today.

Today, Alfa Romeo cars are sold all over the world. Our research shows us that many new and used Alfa Romeo cars can be bought over the internet.